Two Versions?

September 11th, 2023 - There are now TWO versions of our software to choose from. We recommend that you move to the one on the right (in purple). Please read carefully.

Warning: You should NOT update during production. In general, our updates do not require rebooting the machine/server, but if anything is using our software during an update, you will get a notice to reboot the machine. You should ONLY update when no production is running and the machine can be rebooted if necessary.

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Confused on which to choose?

Don't be. We will make it easy.

Are you a brand new customer? Choose 2030.970/975 (right side in purple). We will issue you a reportrunner.key file with your 45 day license (which you can request after installing).

Are you an existing customer? Have you been issued a reportrunner.key file? Choose 2030.970/975 (right side in purple).

Have you recently renewed your license? If so, you were given a reportrunner.key file. Choose 2030.970/975 (right side in purple).

Still think you should go with the older release? We recommend that you go with the new release (2030.970/975, right side in purple), because you will need to upon your next renewal. If you will reach out to us, we will issue you a reportrunner.key file.

Benefits of the New Licensing Manager:

1. The long encrypted keys are gone (no more copying and pasting)
2. The license.key file is gone (no more copying to multiple machines every year)
3. The activated.key file is gone
4. If you keep an open connection with our licensing server, you no longer need to do anything when you renew your license
5. You can activate, deactivate, and see ALL of your licensing and activated machines (no more need to contact us to find out how many activations are left or who has what installed)

All you have to implement now is a single file named reportrunner.key file. You place that file in the same directory/folder where you used to place the license.key file. Just ONCE. That's it. From there, you're in charge of all activations and deactivations, and your licensing will automatically update itself with any licensing changes.



Old Licensing Manager
(license.key file)


This version of 2030 will be supported until your next renewal. Upon renewing your licensing, you will be required to update to the latest version. You may also be required to update to receive support for a help desk issue.

Go To 2030.890/895 Downloads

This version will look for and use the license.key file.



New Licensing Manager


This version of 2030 will be the future of all licensing.

Go To 2030.970/975 Downloads

If you are an EXISTING customer, you MUST get your NEW
reportrunner.key file BEFORE updating.


A key feature of this new licensing is YOU are now able to see, activate, and deactivate machines within your organization without having to contact us. You are also able to see a list of all machines in your organization that are activated, and you can even export this list in text or a delimited format. The only requirement is that your organization can reach our licensing server and there are no firewalls blocking access to our web-based API calls.