Jeff-Net or Known Keep LLC?

Frequent Questions...

1. What happened to Jeff-Net? Was Jeff-Net acquired?

2. Did you move? Do you have a new address?

3. Do you have a new tax ID?

The Answer to ALL of those questions is NO.

So What Exactly Has Changed and When Did It Change?

On August 20th, 2020, we modified/changed our LLC name with the State of Texas from "Jeff-Net, LLC" to "Known Keep LLC". That's the only official change. Over the past (almost) 25 years, we've operated as "Jeff-Net". Since we're expanding into a few other areas, we are getting away from the "Jeff-Net" name (which has been primarily used for our Report Runner software) and are now using "Known Keep LLC" for any official documents.

1. We still maintain a DBA for "Jeff-Net" for Known Keep LLC, though, so if you choose to continue to do business with us as "Jeff-Net", it's perfectly legal.

2. The tax ID is still the same.

3. Our mailing and street address is still the same.

4. Our W-9 is still the same.

There Is No Need To Treat Us As a New Vendor.

Please do not request we fill out new vendor paperwork. We will not fill out new vendor paperwork. We are the SAME vendor. Our addresses are the SAME. You are welcome to continue making checks out to "Jeff-Net". Our bank accepts checks made out to "Jeff-Net", "Jeff-Net, LLC", "Known Keep LLC", or "Known Keep".

Additionally, our standard Report Runner licensing does not include filling out just any random documents you request. We will provide a W-9 with any order/invoice or on request. That's it. If you require multiple vendor documents or any legal documents for review, you will need to upgrade to our Corporate Infinity licensing which starts at $10,000/year.