License Renewal Policy and Guidelines

While we offer monthly subscriptions, multi-year, and lifetime licenses, the majority of our customers are on yearly subscriptions (renewals).

This document has been put together to outline how yearly licensing renewals work. Topics include invoices, POs, renewal dates/expiration dates, what happens if invoices aren’t paid on time, and working with resellers.

We are in the software business… not the collections business. The intent of this document is to clarify that statement.

We simply want to focus on providing great software. With that in mind, please note the following guidelines for our licensing renewal process:

License Renewal Dates Do Not Change.

Your license renewal date is the same every year. You do not lose time by renewing early, and you will not gain time by renewing late.

License Renewal Date = License Expiration Date.

Your license renewal date is actually your license expiration date. If your license is not renewed BEFORE your renewal date, your license (and software) WILL expire and stop working.

Invoices Must Be Paid Before Your License Renewal Date.

Mail your checks at least two weeks before your expiration date. We need to receive your check before your license expires. We recommend paying for your invoice within a week or two of receiving your renewal invoice. This allows plenty of time for mailed checks to be received and processed, and it also gives you plenty of time to update your software if necessary.

No, We Can Not Provide A 30 Day License While You Renew Your Expired License.

You know a year in advance when your next renewal is due. By default, we send out invoices the first of the PRIOR month your license renewal is due. That means if your license renewal is 10/10 of every year, your renewal invoice is sent out on September 1st of every year. This should be a yearly, planned renewal that’s easy to keep up with and pay on time.

Note, if you open a critical ticket in the help desk due to your license expiring, you are automatically offered a 3 day temp license to get back up and running. That is the only extension offered.

Purchase Orders Do NOT Give You Unlimited Time To Pay.

We do accept purchase orders, but payment for invoices are due no later than 30 days from receipt. We do not grant 60 or 90 day PO terms. If you need 60 to 90 days to pay for a PO, then you need to request we back-date your invoice to match your PO terms. For example, if your renewal date is 6/6 of every year and you need 60 days to pay for a PO, then you need to request we issue your invoice on April 1st of every year to give you plenty of time to pay.

If You Fail To Pay For POs Within 30 Days You Lose PO Privileges Forever.

If you do not pay for your purchase order within 30 days you lose the privilege of purchasing with a PO forever.

We Issue Renewal Invoices At Least 30 Days Prior To Your Renewal. We Do Not Wait For You To Issue A PO.

Some companies (and resellers) do not want to see an invoice prior to issuing a PO. We’re sorry, but that’s not how our licensing process works. We need to issue invoices on a scheduled, yearly, basis. This makes the invoice immediately available for you to handle, and it allows us to do additional notifications to you based on the invoice. When you issue a PO, we will attach it to the PO. If you ever choose not to renew, having an outstanding invoice will not affect anything — we are happy to delete it.

Invoices Are Sent Via Email And Links/URLs Are Provided For Our Portal.

Invoices are sent out via renewal emails. These emails contain links to our portal to view invoices. We do not manually attach PDFs for invoices. A PDF of the invoice can easily be downloaded from the portal.

These Guidelines Apply To Resellers, Too.

All of the previous guidelines apply to resellers, too. We do not handle resellers any differently. If you are the reseller for a given customer, the renewal invoices will go to you and need to be paid before the license renewal (expiration) date. We do not generate estimates/quotes for renewal invoices.

Changes to our Licensing Renewal Policy and Guidelines

If we decide to change this policy, we will post those changes on this page, and/or update the modification date below.

This policy was last modified on March 1st, 2020.